Savage Nominated For 2016 Poker Hall Of Fame

The Executive tournament director of World Series Poker, Matt Savage, has received the nomination for the 2016 Poker Hall of Fame.
He was responsible for bringing a lot of innovations to the poker tournaments. He opened his mind to the press recently and talked about what he thinks of his nomination and what he has more to give to the world of poker.

Matt said that he was pleased and honored to be nominated again. He feels that being in the nominated list of the Poker Hall of Fame for consecutive years could brighten his chances of winning the title this year. He said that he did not receive any love and affection last year, but things are different this time round. With the list having many first timers this year, Matt feels that he has very good chance of entering into the Poker Hall of Fame.

Savage felt that Carlos Mortensen, the WPT World Champion and the WSOP main event winner, is a strong competitor and the only thing that could prevent Carlos from winning the title would be that he has not won many cash games. Savage is happy that Carlos has made it to the Hall of Fame list and wishes him good luck.

Savage has many achievements in his illustrious poker administration career and this is why he feels that his name needs to be put in the Hall of Fame plaque. He has come out with many innovative poker structures, formats and payouts. He has vision of growing and taking the game all over the world and is also the founder of the tournament director’s association. He is of the opinion that the Hall of Fame must not be limited to players and must be open for executives, writers and tournament directors. He believes that he has made a very good impact on poker and has led the poker industry during its crucial times.