Philips Compromised With Pool Amount

Poker pro Dennis Phillips was among the 945 participants that took part in the WSOP Circuit Rio Main Event, but could not make out to the final round.

Even, he did make out for the final round. However, he is not going empty hand, in the event, players till the 99th position was paid out and Phillips was there is in the list.

The total amount of $1.5 million is paid out to 99 players and including Phillips. Others who received the amount were, Ben Keeline, Steve Gross, Robert Hankins, Allen Kessler, Nick Pupillo, Chris Johnson, Randy Ohel, Erick Lindgren, Ari Engel and Brett Shaffer.

Who remains the winner of the event?

The World Series of Poker Circuit Rio $1,675 Main Event was won by Ryan Jone. He got the prize amount of $269,327. He competed with the field of 945 entries and shipped his gold ring (second) in the process. And the both the rings for Jone came from Main Events. In 2015, Jone won the WSOP Circuit Cherokee Main event. The prize amount for the same was $235,804.

For the native of North Carolina this is the biggest cash. This win has taken the Jone career total to more than $840,000.

The prize pool under $1.5 million was boasting in the tournament and was paid out to players till 99th places. It is surprising to see that pro players like Steve Gross, Robert Hankins, Ben Keeline, Nick Pupillo, Chris Johnson, Allen Kessler, Erick Lindgren, Dennis Phillips, Randy Ohel, Ari Engel and Brett Shaffer were in the list of those 99 players who were to receive the pool amount of $1.5 million. The pro poker player Dennis Phillips was not happy with his performance in the event, but seems hopeful for the next one.