Jake Cody With Vlog Pilot

There is nothing less inspiring than the lives of PokerStars pro players for those who are looking to make it in the world of poker.

Jake Cody is one of the star players from Team PokerStars. He has taken up a novel project of video blogging and the first pilot video blog was published recently. It has received a warm response from the fans and it seems that Jake might have tapped into a segment that will have a large audience following in the near future.

His first video blog was on a day in the life of a professional poker player. It is titled as Vlog Pilot. The pilot video has had an overwhelming response and it appears that the upcoming videos will also have similar followings among the fans. The twenty eight year old professional players from Florida, US recorded a day in his life where he lives with his girlfriend and his two year old daughter.

Cody has gained fame after he won several tournaments. His total earnings are more than four million from participating in live events. He has claimed several times in the World Series of Poker as well as in the World Poker Tour. He has also won the Triple Crown in European Poker Tour.

The video that he made as a launch showcases his expertise in no limit hold’em games which have won him considerable cash. Here he provides analysis of the key hands; he had played in several successful sessions. The video shows how he earns points and won significant events like the one he won at the Isle Casino. It would certainly make way for greater popularity for Jake. Others could also be inspired to follow suit. It is definitely a great way to showcase the games and the way the players play it.