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Consecutive Win For Joe Palma

Achiever of first place as part of a three-way chop of Parx Big Stax 300 in May, Joe Palma ladder second straight Park Big Stax 300 title on Tuesday, topping a field of 2,805 entries for $120,000. One of the well-attended events on the East Coast, The Parx Big Stax last two events drew more than 4,500 total entries.

As a part of a three-way chop of Parx Big Stax 300 in May, in a field of 1,785, Joe Palma took home $60,675 grabbing First Place at the event officially, and surprisingly managed topping a field of 2,805 entries for $120,000, grabbing his second straight Big Stax 300 title on Tuesday. It was a four way chop this time, but Palma got awarded just about $6,000 less than first-place money. He is now known to have won about $850,000 in live prize money now.

Being among the shortest stack, he turned the heads on the final table which began just under 40 players left on the final day. He won a flip with an Ace and a King against the Jack smashing Jesse Cohen in 13th. And later against Joseph Servera’sAce and with his Queen; he was holding the chip lead and nearly 100 big blinds. Nearly 287 players cashed the event, Vinny Pahuja, Greg Himmelbrand, Mike Linster, and Jose Montes being some of them. A round of heads and tails left Thomas McMahon with 12.7 million, Frank Williams with 7.7 million and Tyreem Williams with 7.3 million on the final table with Palma takes nearly first-place money.

Despite Poker is such tricky, the kick you get out of losing a big pot is almost as exciting as the one you get from winning and that is what makes it more enjoyable. The next best thing to gambling and winning is gambling and losing, according to Nick Dandalos.

Florida Poker Room Still Closed Thanks To Irma

Mardi Gras’ 30-Table Room could take weeks to reopen
While other Florida casinos and their respective card rooms are back in business after Hurricane Irma demolished the state about two weeks ago, the 30-table poker room remains shut at South Florida’s Mardi Gras Casino.

Per a report from the, a “mini tornado” blew open a hole in the roof of the property, flooding the casino and ruining the floors. The casino is now repairing the facility. There’s no information about the timeline when the casino and its poker room will be open again, but it could take as long as a couple of weeks before poker cash games are operational once more. The rest of the casino could take months to restart its operations.

The historic storm closed Sunshine State resinous as far north as Jacksonville as noted in the below statement given at the time-

“As Floridians brace for Hurricane Irma’s arrival this weekend, poker rooms across the state, especially in South Florida, are making plans to close until the historic storm passes.

There are a dozen card rooms in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area, which will likely be hit by the hurricane early Sunday morning, according to the National Hurricane Center.

The 33-table poker room at the Hialeah Park Casino near Miami told Card Player that it will be closed from 3 a.m. Friday to at least Sunday, depending on the impact of the storm. It’s cancelled its regularly scheduled Monday tournament as well.”

In the absence of Mardi Gras, the nearby Gulfstream Park Racing & Casino, which has 20 poker tables, has been trying to attract the former’s customers, according to a Miami Herald report. Mardi Gras President Dan Adkins called the business tactic from the rival casino “sad and pathetic.”

2017 WSOP $3,000 H.O.R.S.E. Won By Matthew Schreiber

Schreiber participated in the event $3,000 H.O.R.S.E. of the WSOP 2017 on the very first day.

The tournament had the field of 399 entrants, which created the prize pool of $1,077,300. The game continued for three days and after three days, the Matthew Schreiber the 34-year-old poker pro came out as a winner, and earned his first gold bracelet. In addition to that he won the first prize pool of $256,226.

One of the most incredible things about the winning of Schreiber was that, he admits that he is not one of the best players, seen having less than 100 hands before entering the tournament in either variation.

Talking about his game, Schreiber said, “To be honest, I learned on the fly. The first day was a huge learning experience for me and on the fly I was accumulating more and more knowledge. I was the kind of was figuring out the things and it worked for me.” Read More

Philips Compromised With Pool Amount

Poker pro Dennis Phillips was among the 945 participants that took part in the WSOP Circuit Rio Main Event, but could not make out to the final round.

Even, he did make out for the final round. However, he is not going empty hand, in the event, players till the 99th position was paid out and Phillips was there is in the list.

The total amount of $1.5 million is paid out to 99 players and including Phillips. Others who received the amount were, Ben Keeline, Steve Gross, Robert Hankins, Allen Kessler, Nick Pupillo, Chris Johnson, Randy Ohel, Erick Lindgren, Ari Engel and Brett Shaffer.

Who remains the winner of the event?

The World Series of Poker Circuit Rio $1,675 Main Event was won by Ryan Jone. He got the prize amount of $269,327. He competed with the field of 945 entries and shipped his gold ring (second) in the process. And the both the rings for Jone came from Main Events. In 2015, Jone won the WSOP Circuit Cherokee Main event. The prize amount for the same was $235,804.

For the native of North Carolina this is the biggest cash. This win has taken the Jone career total to more than $840,000.

The prize pool under $1.5 million was boasting in the tournament and was paid out to players till 99th places. It is surprising to see that pro players like Steve Gross, Robert Hankins, Ben Keeline, Nick Pupillo, Chris Johnson, Allen Kessler, Erick Lindgren, Dennis Phillips, Randy Ohel, Ari Engel and Brett Shaffer were in the list of those 99 players who were to receive the pool amount of $1.5 million. The pro poker player Dennis Phillips was not happy with his performance in the event, but seems hopeful for the next one.

Poker Tournament Debut In India

Poker Sports League is a poker game tournament being planned in India, one of the first attempts to have a tournament of this kind in the country.

That is mainly because games like poker have traditionally been looked down upon in this country. They are clubbed with gambling or wagering games that are based on chance and are not considered to be games of skill. However, with several countries having a growing and prosperous community of poker players who participate in different tournaments and games, it might be time that India also gained a different perspective to this game.

Poker Sports League is being organized for the first time in the country, being mainly sponsored by Amit Burman, vice chairman of Dabur. This tournament is being hosted in the upcoming month of February. The league will have twelve teams which will comprise of nine players in each team.

Every team will have a captain, two players from the professional league and two players who would be live qualifiers. The qualifiers would be selected on the basis of live games that would be run in select cities across the country.

There has been website developed for the league though online applications or information on the game schedules have not been released as yet on this site. However, selection procedures have been on from before as it takes three months to select professional gamers for the teams as well as qualifying players. There would also be online qualifiers who would be able to participate on the teams. There would be chances for wild card entries in this tournament as well.

The total prize money pool would be Rs. 3.36 crores which is a generous sum being offered at this tournament. The finals of the tournament would be in Goa and it would determine the fate of poker games in the country for the future.

Jake Cody With Vlog Pilot

There is nothing less inspiring than the lives of PokerStars pro players for those who are looking to make it in the world of poker.

Jake Cody is one of the star players from Team PokerStars. He has taken up a novel project of video blogging and the first pilot video blog was published recently. It has received a warm response from the fans and it seems that Jake might have tapped into a segment that will have a large audience following in the near future.

His first video blog was on a day in the life of a professional poker player. It is titled as Vlog Pilot. The pilot video has had an overwhelming response and it appears that the upcoming videos will also have similar followings among the fans. The twenty eight year old professional players from Florida, US recorded a day in his life where he lives with his girlfriend and his two year old daughter.

Cody has gained fame after he won several tournaments. His total earnings are more than four million from participating in live events. He has claimed several times in the World Series of Poker as well as in the World Poker Tour. He has also won the Triple Crown in European Poker Tour.

The video that he made as a launch showcases his expertise in no limit hold’em games which have won him considerable cash. Here he provides analysis of the key hands; he had played in several successful sessions. The video shows how he earns points and won significant events like the one he won at the Isle Casino. It would certainly make way for greater popularity for Jake. Others could also be inspired to follow suit. It is definitely a great way to showcase the games and the way the players play it.

Savage Nominated For 2016 Poker Hall Of Fame

The Executive tournament director of World Series Poker, Matt Savage, has received the nomination for the 2016 Poker Hall of Fame.
He was responsible for bringing a lot of innovations to the poker tournaments. He opened his mind to the press recently and talked about what he thinks of his nomination and what he has more to give to the world of poker.

Matt said that he was pleased and honored to be nominated again. He feels that being in the nominated list of the Poker Hall of Fame for consecutive years could brighten his chances of winning the title this year. He said that he did not receive any love and affection last year, but things are different this time round. With the list having many first timers this year, Matt feels that he has very good chance of entering into the Poker Hall of Fame.

Savage felt that Carlos Mortensen, the WPT World Champion and the WSOP main event winner, is a strong competitor and the only thing that could prevent Carlos from winning the title would be that he has not won many cash games. Savage is happy that Carlos has made it to the Hall of Fame list and wishes him good luck.

Savage has many achievements in his illustrious poker administration career and this is why he feels that his name needs to be put in the Hall of Fame plaque. He has come out with many innovative poker structures, formats and payouts. He has vision of growing and taking the game all over the world and is also the founder of the tournament director’s association. He is of the opinion that the Hall of Fame must not be limited to players and must be open for executives, writers and tournament directors. He believes that he has made a very good impact on poker and has led the poker industry during its crucial times.

Live Poker tournaments of March

With the very first World Series of Poker Circuit event in Georgia, a World Poker Tour event happening in Vienna, Austria, the Eureka Poker Tour in Rozvadov, Czech Republic, and the World Championship of Amateur Poker coming to London, the month of March is all set to be a very busy month for those who prefer to play live poker in Europe.

Eureka Poker Tour is all set to take place from 2nd to 8th March in Rozvadov, Czech Republic. The new season by PokerStars will start at the King’s Casino, which is the largest poker room in Europe. The widely treasured casino on the border of Germany and Czech Republic would be the stage of a great 7 days of poker, along with the room’s top cash games campaigning side-by-side with the twenty-two events added on the schedule.

The Main Event of the series, a €1100 buy-in event happening from 4th to 8th March featuring a grand €500000 guaranteed prize kitty, is really not the only top event in the list.

Players at King’s get the scope to also be a part of top events like €330 Rozvadov Cup along with a €100000 guarantee (2nd to 5th March), the €70 King’s Local Championship along with a €15000 guarantee (5th March), and the €60 Eureka Locals NL Hold’em Deepstack EPT version with a €7000 guarantee on 8th March. If you want to know more regarding the Eureka Poker Tour, you can visit their site.

Nevada gambling: revenue figure comes to historic low

Gamblers, who were unlucky, are now playing less. In fact, they are playing less of a role in the casino industry of Nevada. Nevada’s biggest casinos had total profit of around US$ 24.6 billion in fiscal year 2015. The figures were revealed by the Silver State gaming regulators earlier on Friday. The estimate was for casinos that gained at least US$1 million from gamblers during fiscal year 2015 – from July to June.

This US$ 24.6 billion was the highest number since the US$ 25 billion in profit in the year 2008. Arguably the most notable figure of the yearly gaming abstract was the percentage of total profit that gaming win constituted. Statewide gaming profit during fiscal year 2015 was US$ 10.6 billion, or 43.2% of total profit. As per to research done by University of Nevada Las Vegas, this is a historic low.

In the year 1984, the farthest back the data goes, gaming victory represented around 62% of total casino profit in the fiscal year. On the Strip, gaming victory was only 34.9% of the total revenue of US$ 16.74 billion, also an all-time low.

Profits from hotel rooms, beverages, food as well as other are snatching in more money for Nevada’s well known casinos than ever before. The number of casinos in Nevada included in data from the fiscal year 2015 was 271. Revenues from last year’s calendar year have not yet been released.

World Poker Tour arrives at Amsterdam, Kicks Off on Monday With €3.3K Main Event

The date of May 11, 2015 will be historic in the history of Amsterdam as the Holland Casino becomes the center stage to the world of poker, with the kicking off of World Poker Tour at 2 PM local time with the €3.3K Main Event. Well, this being the first time a main event of the tour is going to Amsterdam it becomes significant historically and you can bet the presence of poker big names and the associated big money prizes for big play.

With couple of starting flights in store, players will have the choice of one reentry for each. That is Day 1a on Monday and Day 1b on Tuesday, if they make a quick exit. The starting amount of tournament chips will be 30K and the final tables of the WPT final will begin on May 16, Saturday.

Starting Monday you can join the coverage done by Live Reporting team of PokerNews which will be there on the spot to cover the event. Several people including Remko Rinkema, the PokerNews writer hoped for a sold out audience which would result into a larger amount of prize for the top winner.

It is not just the €3.3K Main Event which is going to be conducted at Amsterdam this week, and there are several other actions scheduled to take place for interested players. It is the €330 Limited Pot Omaha/No Bar Hold’em Mixed which is going to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday will host a Hold’em event with €750 8-Max No-Limit.

A No-Limit Hold’em of €1.5K Big Stack will be hosted on Thursday and that will run three days. A €550 Limited Pot Omaha will be conducted on Friday and Saturday will see a €300 Turbo Limited Pot Hold’em contest. Interested players should make haste to reach the registration and the entire schedule for the World Poker Tour of Amsterdam can be viewed on the website.