Month: August 2018

Consecutive Win For Joe Palma

Achiever of first place as part of a three-way chop of Parx Big Stax 300 in May, Joe Palma ladder second straight Park Big Stax 300 title on Tuesday, topping a field of 2,805 entries for $120,000. One of the well-attended events on the East Coast, The Parx Big Stax last two events drew more than 4,500 total entries.

As a part of a three-way chop of Parx Big Stax 300 in May, in a field of 1,785, Joe Palma took home $60,675 grabbing First Place at the event officially, and surprisingly managed topping a field of 2,805 entries for $120,000, grabbing his second straight Big Stax 300 title on Tuesday. It was a four way chop this time, but Palma got awarded just about $6,000 less than first-place money. He is now known to have won about $850,000 in live prize money now.

Being among the shortest stack, he turned the heads on the final table which began just under 40 players left on the final day. He won a flip with an Ace and a King against the Jack smashing Jesse Cohen in 13th. And later against Joseph Servera’sAce and with his Queen; he was holding the chip lead and nearly 100 big blinds. Nearly 287 players cashed the event, Vinny Pahuja, Greg Himmelbrand, Mike Linster, and Jose Montes being some of them. A round of heads and tails left Thomas McMahon with 12.7 million, Frank Williams with 7.7 million and Tyreem Williams with 7.3 million on the final table with Palma takes nearly first-place money.

Despite Poker is such tricky, the kick you get out of losing a big pot is almost as exciting as the one you get from winning and that is what makes it more enjoyable. The next best thing to gambling and winning is gambling and losing, according to Nick Dandalos.