Month: February 2017

Poker Tournament Debut In India

Poker Sports League is a poker game tournament being planned in India, one of the first attempts to have a tournament of this kind in the country.

That is mainly because games like poker have traditionally been looked down upon in this country. They are clubbed with gambling or wagering games that are based on chance and are not considered to be games of skill. However, with several countries having a growing and prosperous community of poker players who participate in different tournaments and games, it might be time that India also gained a different perspective to this game.

Poker Sports League is being organized for the first time in the country, being mainly sponsored by Amit Burman, vice chairman of Dabur. This tournament is being hosted in the upcoming month of February. The league will have twelve teams which will comprise of nine players in each team.

Every team will have a captain, two players from the professional league and two players who would be live qualifiers. The qualifiers would be selected on the basis of live games that would be run in select cities across the country.

There has been website developed for the league though online applications or information on the game schedules have not been released as yet on this site. However, selection procedures have been on from before as it takes three months to select professional gamers for the teams as well as qualifying players. There would also be online qualifiers who would be able to participate on the teams. There would be chances for wild card entries in this tournament as well.

The total prize money pool would be Rs. 3.36 crores which is a generous sum being offered at this tournament. The finals of the tournament would be in Goa and it would determine the fate of poker games in the country for the future.