Month: January 2016

Nevada gambling: revenue figure comes to historic low

Gamblers, who were unlucky, are now playing less. In fact, they are playing less of a role in the casino industry of Nevada. Nevada’s biggest casinos had total profit of around US$ 24.6 billion in fiscal year 2015. The figures were revealed by the Silver State gaming regulators earlier on Friday. The estimate was for casinos that gained at least US$1 million from gamblers during fiscal year 2015 – from July to June.

This US$ 24.6 billion was the highest number since the US$ 25 billion in profit in the year 2008. Arguably the most notable figure of the yearly gaming abstract was the percentage of total profit that gaming win constituted. Statewide gaming profit during fiscal year 2015 was US$ 10.6 billion, or 43.2% of total profit. As per to research done by University of Nevada Las Vegas, this is a historic low.

In the year 1984, the farthest back the data goes, gaming victory represented around 62% of total casino profit in the fiscal year. On the Strip, gaming victory was only 34.9% of the total revenue of US$ 16.74 billion, also an all-time low.

Profits from hotel rooms, beverages, food as well as other are snatching in more money for Nevada’s well known casinos than ever before. The number of casinos in Nevada included in data from the fiscal year 2015 was 271. Revenues from last year’s calendar year have not yet been released.