Month: September 2014

Jay Farber, a management player in poker game

Jay Farber was born in California. He is a professional player of poker. He finished in 2nd place of WSOP main event of 2013, and he won cash prize of $5 million in that event. 2013 is most successful year for him. He is successful and popular player of poker. He had ranked as number 3 in Global poker Index in 2013. He got a seat into WSOP main event in 2011 and 2012 but in both the year he didn’t win any cash prizes in WSOP main tournament.

Jay Farber is graduated in Business Administration from California University. He is very much interested in poker, so he shifted to Las Vegas after completing education. Las Vegas is very famous for poker tournaments, so he started his career in poker from Las Vegas. He played many local and online poker tournaments in Las Vegas. In his early days, he plays only small poker tournaments, and he learned very much about poker from these small tournaments. Finally in 2011 he got a seat into WSOP main event. He finished in 9th place in local poker tournament and won cash prize of $733,224. After winning this cash prize, he become very confident and then he finished in 2nd place of WSOP main tournament.

Jay Farber played all types of poker tournaments. He travelled all around the world for playing poker tournaments. He finished in 34th place of NLHE poker event, and he won cash prize of €20,250 in that event. He is the first player of poker who have won $5 million cash prize as first cash prize in World Series of poker tournaments. He is unknown to poker world till 2013 because he not won any cash prize till 2013 in WSOP tournaments. After 2013, he becomes very popular poker player. He does not have any record in World poker tour. He is aggressive and attacking player of poker. He does not use any special or complex theories while playing poker tournaments.