Month: August 2014

Lily Kiletto AKA “lily,” game changing player

The birthplace of Lily Kiletto is Vientiane. At the age of 3, Lily Kiletto family member goes to Washington. Lily Kiletto likes the NL, PLO poker game to play and her goal is to achieve the WSOP tour. When she was in the school, she gives sometimes to play poker game in cash at Las Vegas as well as los Angeles while playing she got excellent success therefore she decided that to give more attention towards the poker game. Lily Kiletto played only three tours, and she entered in WPT as well as she is the first woman in the history of poker. In very tiny time she managed more than three tables in his career.
She got very big success in the field of poker game therefore Lily Kiletto decided that to give full time in the field of poker game as a dream. Lily Kiletto owned the $340207 total of winnings. She played the clashes and ranked 252 as well as she won the rank in table 69th. World poker tour (WPT) she has excellent weight age in the poker game.
Lily Kiletto played the World poker tour (WPT) lucky heart open which is live playing game of poker and in that she took 2nd place with 800 points. Next she takes participation in WPT legends of poker which is shown TV in that she scored the 26th rank again gaining the 800 points. She was recognized as a player of great strength, and all the experts appreciated her efforts in the poker game. Most vital thing to notice of this player is that the way she tackle opposition player and it is worth looking. Her way and style of playing game is different from all other players. He also interested in playing poker.