Month: May 2014

Angel Guillen, who won a gold bracelet in poker world

Unlike the other popular poker pros, Angel Guillen is not from the group of age old players or from the group of well trained or well practicing professionals. He is very new to the game yet being able to manage to achieve good tournament results thus pushing his name into the list of the most promising players from Mexico. Before he came into the poker world, he completed his degree in economics from the University College. He before entering poker has found his thirst for money fulfilled in the fields of stocks and shares.

He realized the potential income in the poker world. Cash prizes that are announced in the poker games are making the world shocked and hence making players crazy about the amounts that are coming out of the events. With the same reason Angel joined the poker world. He first played the live circuit in January 2009 at PCA $10,000 No Limit Hold’em Main Event where he came 51st position at the final table and won the cash prize worth of $27,500. From then he was able to give tough competition in most of the final table appearances at the main events. His two major achievements were in WSOP.

The first one is in June 2009, WSOP $2,000 No Limit Hold’em where he stood in 1st position at the final appearance and won the most alluring amount of $530,548 which is the biggest amount in his whole career. In this event he also won the gold bracelet thus giving him good recognition in the poker world. In the same month he attended one more main event, 2009 WSOP $2,500 No Limit Hold’em where he placed himself in 2nd position thus winning one other big amount of $312,800.

Keeping the poker profession aside Angel enjoys playing tennis. His hobbies are reading books and watching movies. He is also a mad traveler in search of beautiful places across the world.