Month: February 2014

Joseph Cheong

Joseph Cheong was born in South Korea but they immigrated to USA when his son was 6 years old. At the young age, he was very much focused on studies and ended up earning two degrees in mathematics and economics. During his college, he started playing poker in his free time.

Initially, he was playing with his friends only. Then he started playing online at popular poker sites. He was able to earn a good cash amount through online games. He also won a small tournament in 2009. He accumulated a six figure bankroll and he became very much passionate about the game with passage of time. Finally, he decided to become full time poker player to make a living.

He earned two degrees but never used them for getting job and decided to move to poker tables to make a regular earning. In 2009, he decided to jump into live tournaments but did not find big success right away. He worked hard to improve his skills at live poker events. In 2010, he started making final tables at various poker events and finally travelled to Las Vegas for WSOP tournament. In the same year, he was able to claim his first title at NLHM for $17,541.

He made several final tables and cashes during his entire poker career but he was still waiting for his first gold bracelet. According to Joseph Cheong, he is so much skilled to win any tournament. He is just waiting for the moment when he will get his first WSOP title. Poker is game of skills and luck. You should be enough skilled and lucky to become an ultimate poker player. We are looking for a deep run from this wonderful player in near future also. You can also check his interviews for getting more information about the player.