Month: December 2013

Revamped Website and App are launched

The FIDPA has launched a revamped website along with mobile app for free. It features Poker Rules of 2013 which will serve an important resource for poker industry. Marcel Luske and Michelle Lau poker professionals founded this website. FIDPA was on a mission in making a standardized and comprehensive rules for every main event of poker tournaments that happens everywhere in the World. There is a set of 81 technical policies and procedures to be followed by the poker industry in 2013 IP Rules. These basic rules are easy to understand and very transparent for all the players.

Poker Tournament Directors Association (TDA) is made of more than 2000 members of the poker industry and some recently added are Jack Effel, Neil Johnson and Tab Duchateau. These directors of TDA wrote 54 rules for 2013 IP rules. Phil Ivey and Antonio Esfandiari including some top poker pros have given support for Luske’s mission in giving the best service to the players at International Poker Tournaments.

In 2007, Luske who created the International Poker rules along with Lau said, “Showing support for one set of international poker rules will only take one minute, but it means a more credible and secure future for poker players of knowing exactly what to expect every time they sit down at a poker table anywhere in the world”. An open letter was also issued by Luske explaining the reason behind the initiative he took in creating FIDPA.

The FIDPA website made by Luske is now available for all the visitors. You can view and can download IP rules from the site in PDF format. You can also freely access the rules by using a new mobile app from any part of the world. You can log on to the site address of FIDPA to know more about mobile application.