Month: October 2013

Nikolaus Jedlicka

Nikolaus Jedlicka is popularly known by his nickname “KaiBuxxe” on the screen of poker sites. According to the data he has nearly won cash amount of $3,186,718. He is one of the Austrian online pro poker players, and currently he plays at the PokerStars site under the nickname “RealAndyBeal”. Before this, normally he used to play on the screen of Full Tilt Poker with the nicknames “KaiBuxxe” and “Niki Jedlicka”.

Majority of his online success came from the name KaiBuxxe, he made nearly about $3.2 million in very short time period of 5 months. Initially he started playing with his name in the year 2007, later on he stopped playing under name of KaiBuxxe by the time of September 2007; and surprisingly from that day onwards none of the activity is found to see under this name. However, Jedlicka started playing under the name of Niki Jedlicka after the 2007 summer; moreover the results are totally opposite from that of KaiBuxxe. While playing with his name, Jedlicka lost nearly about $4.4 million, out of which he faced loss $1.76 million in the starting six months. In one session he loosed $549K and in another session he lost $135K.

Despite of the massive huge losses, he experienced some success as well. He won $1 million in just a single day at the Full Tilt Poker on 23rd July 2009. Additionally just after couple of days he won nearly about $563,000. Apart from the live poker room tables, he earned cash prize of $531,843 in his carrier from several tournaments. It includes his winnings of $211,480 by occupying 7th place at the event of EPT at Barcelona in the year 2007.

Additionally, he even won $87,903 by standing at 5th place at the event Aussie Millions in the year 2008. It is worth to say that, before taking online poker games in hands he was a devout Magic Gathering player.