Month: August 2013

Role of Cookies in

PokerNews must operate a strict policy for privacy. This should be done to keep the PokerNews website from any sort of hazardous problems; and the technology used by the owner of the website must kept transparent so that visitor’s are not known about the security. When any visitor visits the website, the website uses cookies at the bottom of the web page.

A cookie is nothing but a small text snippet, it asks website to store information at the visitors browser. Generally each cookie has different expiration dates, and accordingly they will reside into the visitor’s browser. The website uses several different types of cookies on the basis of their requirements and uses.

Deletion of cookies can be done in any of the two ways: first is either automatically, which means cookies will be removed automatically at the time of its expiration; and second is manually, here one need to remove the cookies manually from their browser. The primary purpose behind usage of cookies is that of to make work of website more effectively. uses two different types of cookies they are: Session cookies and Persistent cookies. Session cookies are basically temporary cookies, they expire automatically whenever visitor close down their browser. Where as, persistent cookies resides under the visitor’s browser and expires on specific expiration date, or when visitor’s manually removes them from their browser. avoids using flash cookies. Generally visitor can disable or delete cookies at the, but some interactions will stop working and functioning on the web pages of Visitor will not be able to interact will whole website and cannot operate every functions provided by the website in a feasible manner. These cookies will maintain records and store information regarding the visitor’s who has logged the website in the past, but it is possible only if cookies on the website are enabled.