Month: March 2013

Benislovas wins the 7th anniversary Sunday

If you thought you have had enough of the poker games frenzy, let’s hope you did not miss last Sunday main game. The 7th anniversary of online pokers’ most celebrated weekly tournament Pokerstar Sunday Millions. As far as history of poker games I referred, this tournament attracted then most number of entrants. About 49,000 participants joined the event where the winner was guaranteed atleast $1 million cash prices. No wander the huge number of entrants.

Pokerstar tagged $7 million guarantee pool prize to as a way to commemorate the historic event. This also went down in history books as the largest Sunday millions ever witnessed. It took more than 15 hours to finally get a winner from the thousands that participated. Luthuanias Croand “Beneslovi” was the victorious man at the prestigious event last Sunday. A three way deal of the final table resulted to Luthuanias been crowned the winner earning $836, 324 with his main competitor, David Gent taking the runner up position earning a cool amount of $813, 370.

Besides the Pokerstar Sunday Millions, the usual slate of Sunday majors took place on both Pokerstar and full Till poker. Amongst the notable gainers of the day were Vadim “vadka” Shlez Spink, Jim Collopy and Brandom Barnes. These usual stars managed to earn a total of $1110, 000 all combined. This year’s pokerstar Sunday Millions was indeed very massive as most player logged in to play the 7th anniversary event, creating prize poll of nearly $10. We can only expect much bigger events in the coming future with the legalization of the online poker games continues around the world. It is surprising also the amount of cash people are making from them and the force with which the poker software have hit the poker industry.