Month: December 2012

American Professional Poker Player

Dennis Phillips was born in 1955 in the area of Missouri in St. Louis in Midwest United States. He is an American professional player of the poker game and led his modest life with the various slots of the job and eventually he settled down for an account manager’s profile for a commercial company of Broadway Trucks in St. Louis.

The casino game, Poker had formed a pastime for Dennis Phillips as the land of Saint Louis was surrounding with great offerings from the range of casinos in which Phillip had spent a time on the casino tables. Since he dabbled in the tournaments of poker game, he liked to decide to travel on a bit during the coast of vacations in which he had intermingled with the huge types of casinos in several places such as Tunica and Mississippi. In the year of 2007, September, he played in some of World Series Poker Main Events and Circuit Events. Eventually, he moved towards the table of those events and walked away with the huge amount of more than $4500 along with his efforts.

In 2008, he played on a satellite which was held on St. Louis and also qualified this World Series of Poker Main Event with the winning slots of $10000. After this huge success in the casino, he traveled in Las Vegas in the summers to play in the poker tournaments. While startling as the fun trip onto the poker games, he turned into the many adventures that he has imagined in his dreams and he formed his place on the final table of November nine and captured the fourth place which was more than $4.5 million. Since this event, Dennis Phillips has shut down the doors of his day to day job and became the regular player of the circuit of poker tournaments.