Month: October 2012

Dennis Phillips Vs Royal Flush

Dennis Phillips took time in learning how to analyze the hands of poker players. Analyzing the hands of poker players is what would help a player do exceptionally great in poker. Blackjack hands are the basic of playing poker hands. Dennis Phillips would fold his hands if he is about getting this blackjack hands.

What is the meaning of blackjack hand? This simply means having your Ace, a queen and a 2 and then a jack which can be changed too. And if Dennis Phillips has 20 or more hand, he has a great hand of a blackjack. If you want to learn about the different hands in poker, it is important that royal flush, straight hand, flush and full house can be example of some of these hands.

Making excellent use of the hands is important because this is what would a poker player win or lose a game. If a hand is won, it is important that the past hands is recalled by a player. With this tactics, a player would be able to avoid hands that would give a lose and take advantage of hands that would win. A weak hand is easily corrected when the past mistakes are looked into. This is how Dennis Phillips has been winning most of his games. It does not matter how much a poker player has prepared for a game, if he is unable to connect the past with his present, he may still lose.

The reason for record keeping is simply to help poker players play better than they do. And if you are a new player who would want to make your entry in WSOP, you should read the hands of so many poker players. When you have mastered the weak and strong hands of some poker players, you are assured of a chance in WSOP.