Month: July 2012

Full Tilt Poker CEO gets bail

About a week ago, Ray Bitar, the chief executive officer of Full Tilt Poker, the online poker room surrendered to the United States’ authorities at the Kennedy International Airport. He was released, last Monday, on bail after an accord made by the prosecutors and lawyers.

The prosecutors did not really want to relax Ray Bitar for fear of abscond. This is the reason why they established an accord. Paul Engelmayer, the Federal judge, signed the mandate. At present, the CEO of Full Tilt Poker is in Glendora in California and he is also under Federal Bureau of Investigation’s electronic surveillance.

Bitar pleaded that he is not guilty and in return for his bail, he had to deposit 2.5 million dollar as well as a commitment to save his property. His passport has already been seized as he has got no right to leave New York. At last some of his family members had guaranteed for that commitment and his relatives can also be accused guilty in case Bitar does not go by the agreement.

The CEO of Full Tilt Poker went to the Unites States to get his contract done with PokerStars and had a scope to keep his promises of paying to poker players and give salaries to the employees. He still have to answer 9 charges against him .He may face 145 years imprisonment if he is found guilty.